Moms of Young Muslims Enlist in the Fight Against ISIS


When Ibrahim Kamara was fighting with Islamic extremists in northwest Syria, there was one person he wanted to reach out to: his mother. Continue reading 

Slavery on America’s College Campuses Went Beyond Buying and Selling


Not long after Georgetown University President John J. DeGioia announced a plan to atone for the school’s active participation in slavery—which included the 1838 sale of 272 slaves, which kept the school financially afloat—the descendants of those slaves are now calling on the school to do more. Beyond the proposed monument and admission preferences, they are asking the university to partner with them to raise $1 billion to finance a reconciliation project. The group first raised $115,000 in seed money, which was the amount Georgetown received for the slave sale. Continue reading

Politics blamed for delay in UN aid delivery to Syria


No humanitarian aid has entered Syria yet, the UN says, despite the de-escalation of violence across the country following the coming into effect of a nationwide ceasefire. Continue reading