The 3 questions that determine the fate of the WAR within North Korea and US

President Donald Trump has taken the Washington foreign-policy establishment by surprise in recent days by making a number of policy U-turns concerning the country’s friends and foes in the South Pacific region.  Continue reading “The 3 questions that determine the fate of the WAR within North Korea and US”

A message from Palestine “Jerusalem, We Are Here”

Based on a series of tours through Katamon and Baka – former Palestinian neighbourhoods where Arab identity was swiftly erased after the 1948 Nakba, the project “Jerusalem, We Are Here” is a web-based interactive documentary that takes viewers on a journey in Jerusalem. Continue reading “A message from Palestine “Jerusalem, We Are Here””

The return of a child slave

Togo and Benin – On the West Coast of Africa, thousands of children are sold by their families, often for as little as $30. In exchange, they are offered the vague promise of a better life for their child. But what actually awaits is a life of slavery. The children endure physical and psychological abuse as they work from dawn until dusk far from their homes.

Continue reading “The return of a child slave”

The parallel line between Anarchist and the Islamic States

On the front lines of Syria with the young American radicals fighting ISIS

On the morning of his first battle, Brace Belden was underdressed for the cold and shaky from a bout of traveler’s diarrhea. His Kurdish militia unit was camped out on the front Continue reading “The parallel line between Anarchist and the Islamic States”

Europe’s transition is dependent on French’s election

In less than two months, French people will elect their new president. This vote will be one of three elections scheduled for this year in Western Europe – after the Dutch and before the German ballot – which will shape the future of the European Union. Continue reading “Europe’s transition is dependent on French’s election”

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