Twenty eighteen. Wow! We are here and at the beginning of a new year! While many are focusing on resolutions, that generally focus on fixing things from the past, I’m creating the vision, which focuses on my future. Like last year, I took some time to identify key words that will allow me to have a general focus. The word of 2017 was Abundance.


Five Things I Learnt Last Year (2017)


So…we’re counting down another year. There’s that! Either I’m busy doing at F-5 tornado speed or I’m at a standstill and the world is moving around me, Category 5 hurricane pace. That’s sort of the best way I can describe it all! Nevertheless, 2017 has been good to me.

Are you an Artist, Painter or Sculptor? GTBank’s Art635 Gallery is giving you an Opportunity to Showcase your Artworks


Art635, the largest online art gallery in Nigeria, is giving indigenous artists a FREE digital space to showcase and sell their artworks. Powered by GTBank, Art635 is open to painters, sculptors, photographers and artists of all forms in Nigeria and across Africa.

The Ugliness of Domestic Abuse


I have a friend who was a victim of domestic abuse; for way too long, if I might add. When it started at first, she was shy to say so. Then it progressed, she was trapped in a cycle that she could not seem to get out of. I remember her reaching out to me one evening because she simply wanted to talk. One of the things she said that made my heart stop for her was “I don’t like the person I have become and I can’t seem to help it because I love him“.

5 Reasons Nigerians Need to Care More About Health Insurance


No matter how healthy you believe you are, or what great genes you have, you are not invincible. Epidemics happen. Accidents happen. There are a number of things that could put you health at risk, and if you are not prepared to handle them accordingly, you are in for a great deal of stress – medically and financially. To protect yourself, it helps to get health insurance.

Few Tips For Staying Safe on a Night Out with the Boys


You have had an extremely stressful week full of meetings, appointments, errands, e.t.c and luckily, your friends have invited you out for a night with the boys. You really need some sleep, but hanging with your guys, without the voice of your wife/girlfriend in the background, would actually be a better way to unwind… so you accept the invitation.

Procreation Of Human Race: Adoption With Abortion By Abimbola Adeluwoye


When I began to research this topic, it did not go as smoothly as planned in my head.

The consequence of this was that I was not able to feature any post last week as I was really scatterbrained. I had to reexamine everything I thought I knew about both adoption and abortion. I would like to say that I am closer to terra firma now on the issue than I was last week, but that is not true. For you see, there really is no concluding.

Exploring Serious Themes in a Fun & Light-Hearted Manner – A Review of Olumide Popoola’s “When We Speak of Nothing”


Life is often not a simple case of black or white. It is a lot more complex than that -with various shades of grey in between. We may need to ‘wear other people’s shoes’ a bit to understand how their life experiences have influenced and shaped their values, belief systems and characters.

Are You Interested in Communications & Technology? Apply for Sesema PR’s Corporate Communications Pitch Competition

Opinion, Tech

Following the success of the first two editions of its Corporate Communications Pitch Competition (CCPC); Sesema Public Relations, a leading Public Relations and Marketing Communications firm in Nigeria is calling for entries for the third edition of its competition.

A Review of the Writivism Flash Fiction Anthology “Your Heart Will Skip a Beat and Other Stories”


“You sit beside a fat woman dressed in an expensive Aso-ebi, the type Lagos women wear to weddings and funerals. The harsh feel of the lace-material reminds you of sacks. You spare her one more glance; purple eyelids and a contrasting pink blush on her very dark cheeks, her face is a palette of several colours.