T.I. Supports Diddy Who Raises Awareness Of The Amazon Fires – Check Out The Video

T.I. Supports Diddy Who Raises Awareness Of The Amazon Fires - Check Out The Video

BETT.I. shared a video featuring Diddy who is together with his kids and talks about the gravity of the Amazon fires. You can see the video below.

More celebrities have been raising awareness of this extremely serious situation these days.


‘Emergency MSG Why ain’t this being reported? #amazonforrest’ Tip captioned his post.


A follower said: ‘So what are us broke people supposed to do? Care’ and another fan posted: ‘All the rich people get together and do something about it.’


A person wrote: ‘They out here worrying about chicken sandwiches and IG sharing photos ’


One commenter said: ‘People saying How will us broke people help Lol Maybe Pray!?? The more prayers the better !!! God needs to hear us!!  I’ve seen updates today of it starting to rain. Hopefully, it gets better. Money didn’t buy that rain that’s for sure. GOD&PRAYER #prayersfortheamazonforest.’


A fan posted: ‘The fact that it’s not getting any airway is what’s alarming!!! ’ and someone else noted that ‘Amazon is the lung of the earth man. Hopefully, we get some action on this.’

One person said that ‘Y’all spreading awareness the wealthiest people on earth yet ain’t doing nothing to come together Nd do something about it smdh.’

Someone said ‘Nope nobody knew cuz we too busy shooting and hating each other and showing unnecessary stuff on the news.’

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