IG user: Mercy Aigbe suffers yet another rash comment about her prostitute life


Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe just can not catch a break.

Since the separation from her husband, Lanre gentry and her becoming the ambassador for a widows group, Mercy, has had to pass through several insults on a daily basis from non-fans.

Just this morning, the actress, had taken to IG to wish her fans a lovely day but got more than she bargained for as trolls took time out lashing at her for just no cause.

Read some of the comments below:

mercy fowl.. wait oo when did u become widow. and u are giving loyal womans stupid advice to get out of their marriage if they are not comfortable with their marriage pls tell me how many can u help if they move out of their marriage. u are a disgrace to womanhood u are not suppose to be giving that contract because u are a whore not someone like u. I can give two to three of where u have done your prostitution and being molest.. ( miss fowl)
Beautiful dressing, but your hair is still artificial. Be a proud
g_geousYour husband is dying sis.. Like you are killing him insif


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